Translation Techniques in the Asiatic Cultures

Call for papers

Specific CfP for this panel can be retrieved here.


  1. Chiara Barbati, Christian Iranian Translations within the Syriac Tradition
  2. Daniele Cuneo, Translation and/or/as Adaptation? The Tamil ‘version’ of Daṇḍin’s Kāvyalakṣaṇa
  3. Artemij Keidan, A semiotic approach to the study of translation techniques
  4. Laura Lettere, Translation as Innovation in Literature: the case of a Sanskrit Buddhist poem translated into Chinese
  5. Fanny Meunier, Study of the different Tocharian versions of the Sanskrit Udānavarga: prose vs. poetry?
  6. Samira Nikooeeyan, An analysis of the translation of metaphors in Shakespeare’s translated sonnets
  7. Stefano Seminara, Cities, gods and heroes: Akkadian translations of Sumerian texts

Book of abstracts

The book of abstracts can be downloaded here (editing and layout by A. Keidan).


A selection of papers from this panel has been published on the openly accessible scholarly journal Open Linguistics (vol. 1, 2015).


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