8th CBC 2017. A Summer School on European Renaissance and Asian Renascences


The 8th CBC has taken place in Tübingen on 09–11 April 2018.



You can find the program here.

Organising board

Elena Mucciarelli, Cristina Bignami, Elisa Freschi

Keynote discussion

Nikoloz Aleksidze (University of Oxford), Francesca Gorgoni (Rothschild Foundation, Israeli National Library), Camillo Formigatti (Clay Sanskrit Library, Oxford).


  1. Reiterating the Renaissance – Possibilities and impossibilities of an implicit comparison
  2. Renaissances vs Re-creation in performative arts: Music, Film, Dance
  3. “Golden Ages” of the Indian Subcontinent. Patrons, Artists, Trends
  4. For the Sake of Another. Altruism in South Asian Religions and Philosophies
  5. Renaissance in South India? From the little kingdoms and to the Vijayanagara empire

Further debate

The discussions sparked from the Q&As and some tentative remarks grown out of the conclusive round table are described in this post.