1st CBC 2010. The Study of Asia between Antiquity and Modernity


The 1st edition of our conference has taken place at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Sapienza University of Rome, on 10–12th June 2010.


  1. Manuscript Sources Between Textual Criticism and Codicology
  2. Thinking Literature: Emic and Etic Instruments?
  3. ‘Western’ Linguistics vs. ‘Eastern’ Languages: Structures, Categories, Methods
  4. The Development Question in Asia: Policies and Processes
  5. Earliest Texts: How to interpret them?
  6. Sources and Artistic Representation


A conference report, with many nice photographs, can be found at Daniel Stender’s blog. Thanks, Daniel!


You can download the programme here.

Book of abstracts

You can download the Book of abstracts in PDF format (editing and layout by A. Keidan).


Elisa Freschi, Artemij Keidan


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