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Forthcoming Conference

The 11th CBC conference (2020–21 edition) ended recently.

स्वागतम्! ನಮಸ್ಕಾರಂ! നമസ്കാരാം! བཀྲ་ཤིས་བདེ་ལེགས! Welcome!

The aim of all the Coffee Break Conferences has always been to focus on scholarly methodology and all types of comparisons: between areas of study, between the approaches of different disciplines, between the concepts and vocabulary of different traditions of scholarship. In this way, the participants have the opportunity to critically discuss their work, especially new work, in an interdisciplinary setting.

The present project is the result of a larger reflection on the fact that the most interesting parts of a conference are the coffee breaks. One yawns or falls asleep while most papers are read. On the other hand, one often takes part of challenging and fascinating debates while sipping at one’s cup of coffee. Often, the same paper sounds thought-provoking and insightful during the break, and extremely boring while it is actually read.

Who are we?

A group of young researchers who are variously linked to Asian texts, ideas, problems, languages, etc. but who have to do with methodologies elaborated in the European world and who are mainly based in Europe. The group is open to whomsoever wishes to discuss and compare ideas.

Our purposes:

  1. Encouraging team work;
  2. Aiming high (that is, undertaking projects which would be too much for a single person, but can be achieved by a group of scholars);
  3. Discuss our ideas, hoping to receive harsh, but badly needed criticisms;
  4. Preparing ourselves to get in touch with a different culture through the refinement of our abilities of intercultural dialogue (at least among us);
  5. Comparing methodologies, techniques, approaches;
  6. Copying ideas, emulating procedures, learning new points of view;
  7. Drink good coffee while chatting with nice, smart people.

The reason we chose to open a blog and not a website is that we do not want readers, but co-workers. Feel free to join the project and have fun with us!

For info, please send your query to
parvati_radha [at] libero.it

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