General remarks about the Coffee Break Conferences (CBC)

CBC are called like that because they aim at being like a single interesting coffee-break conversation, thus avoiding the boring part of usual conferences.
CBC are meant to present a chance for methodologies to be debated, fresh research to be shared and discussed, and for doubtful and critical points to be addressed. Thus, reading is (almost) forbidden. We value lively discussions and openness in approach. In your paper, don’t forget to 1. Give an introduction for listeners coming from a different background; 2. Make your methodology explicit, and last but not least, 3. Don’t be afraid to say that there are open questions and problems you could not solve.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I submit a paper’s proposal?

Send your abstract (about 2000 words) to the chair of the panel you are interested in. The chair of the panel and the organizing committee will discuss it and let you know in some 2–3 weeks. Please consider that having your abstract accepted does not mean that it is accepted as it is and that no one will interfere with it any longer. By contrast, you will be asked to become part of a collective enterprise and to adjust your topic (if needs be) to the general topic of the panel.

  • What will happen of the long abstract I send to the panel’s chair?

If needs be, you will be asked to partially modify it. Then, it will be distributed to the other participants so that they can prepare about it. Last, it will be printed and distributed also to the other listeners during the CBC.

  • I cannot come to the next conference, but am very interested in the project, what can I do?

The conference is just one part of our collective work. You might join the blog and add texts, images, links, etc to the panel you are most interested in. If you feel you want to contribute, you can join our Skype meetings (see here) and decide to help editing, organizing, thinking aloud. And, of course, you might sustain us!

  • Will all papers be accepted?

No, prospective participants who are not willing to modify their abstracts, as well as participants whose abstracts are not yet mature enough to be discussed in a conference will not be accepted. The decisions of the scientific committee are unappellable.

  • Will I get free coffee at the conference?

Yes, otherwise we would feel obliged to change the name of the whole enterprise—after all, what really matter is the coffee break! We try to keep the level of the coffee high, but we are afraid that given the funding problems, we won’t be able to provide you with kopi luwak (really, no idea how it tastes), but still we think a good old espresso tastes wonderful.

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