Translating cultural experiences. Anthropology, Politics, Philosophy from and into Arabic


Marco Lauri, University of Macerata/University of Urbino

Marta Scaglioni, University of Milano-Bicocca


[Under construction]


  • Margherita Picchi, (Foundation for Religious Sciences Giovanni XXIII, Bologna), Translating Feminist Theory into Arabic: the Case of the Egyptian Women and Memory Forum.
  • Martina Biondi (University of Macerata), Creative and paratextual self-translation: strategies of reshaping identity in the work of the Moroccan Layla Abu Zayd.
  • Marina Giacconi (University of Macerata), Translating the liberal concept of tolerance in Faraḥ Anṭūn.
  • Alessandro Cancian (Institute of Ismaili Studies, London), Re-mastering translations: Translating Mystical Exegesis from Arabic to Persian in Early-modern and Modern Iran.
  • Luca Nevola (University of Sussex), Sharaf beyond honour: language as usage in middle eastern contexts.